the body slowly disappears

by ther

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Alex McGuire Farther together. I will follow Andy Jonez into the dark--great album
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released October 10, 2015

Andy Jones - Guitars, vox
Nick Hasko - Bass
TJ Stevenson - Drums
Joe Sugrue - Additional arranging and synthesizers

Engineered by Andy Jones, Mike Turnwall, and Adam Henaghan
Mixed/Produced by Andy Jones
Mastered by Jeremy Kinney
Artwork by Veronica Magner



all rights reserved


ther Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


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Track Name: bluewark
I took you to the airport
Newark's a shithole
I watched you stand in line
security takes a long time

People passing by ask:
are you alright?

There's traffic on I-95
but only on the northbound side.
I shoulda took the train
This start and stop is such a pain

The clutch kicks like a bull
tryna shake me off

I've driven through your neighborhood
memories that once felt good
Your mom still treats me like a friend
I'm never doing that again

the only thing is backpedaling
and closing doors and asking for more
and tryna keep a steady pace and saving face
and traffic on the highway
Track Name: the color blue
you were on the other side of the living room
with the paper in between your hands
you were reading a piece about wealthy women
and the men that they were married to
you look more like a stranger just sitting there
than anyone I'd ever seen
time is the explosive that murders all
but the distance was the detonator

all at once it happened
then I realized that you were atomized
in the hot blast from those jet engines
your body disappeared
and part of you is still here
but what remains is a fraction of what you left behind
and those scraps that lie where your likeness was
they won't last me very long

these days I think of you
as the color blue
I see you almost everywhere
but what I really see is reflected light
that isn't even really there
I guess I never learned how to let things go
and they've been quite a home to me
the walls have kept me warm but they're far too close
so where do I put the first hole
Track Name: deep
I waited alone
your bus was late getting in
and I was late too

your forehead it tastes
like dust and it clings to my lips
like the lost little kid you've always been

maybe you'll sing for me now
or have you been singing for all of these years
and I was just deaf to your words
too selfish to notice too foolish to hear?


the nervous exchange of looks
and looking away
and looking downwards

the rigid display:
oh hey, what's new
how ya been and where did you go


I'm back on the plane
westward, and into the sun
and I'm hoping it swallows me

you run, like blood
so deep through me I know
but you're somewhere that I can't go

maybe you'll come back around
but these days it seems like you probably won't
and I'll be a stone in your shoe
that bites at your heels and keeps tripping you up

Track Name: the mighty river pemi
I used to go to a school in a small town
in northern New Hampshire
it wasn't a home but I loved who I met there

and the Pemigewasset was the center of life
as it flowed next to main street
but I had to leave it
and when I returned I had found that the friends I made had grown distant
and the mighty Pemi River had changed its colors six times since I'd seen it

I once met a girl who would soon fly for Scotland
and I held her up while she kept me grounded
and so this went on for a couple of years and now it is over
and I don't even know her
she brought me out to that god forsaken land just to tell me that she was leaving me
and In time she'll come to resemble those friends I had made in that small town
in northern New Hampshire

and I'll be a sinewy bone if you be red rover
and I'll be a sinewy bone if you be red rover
and I'll be a sinewy bone if you be red rover
and let me come over